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Country Style Bacon

Columbia's cured and sliced Country Style Bacon will start your morning off right. We begin the Old Fashion method of curing by hand rubbing a special blend of seasonings on extra lean selected pork bellies. After hours of hardwood smoke the bacon is sliced thick. We
then remove the rind off of the slab, hand trim the slab and slice to an inch (14-16 slices per slab).

Peppered Bacon
If you like a little spice added to your meals, you'll love our Peppered Bacon. Each one of our hand selected slabs is cured first then hand rubbed with a blend of special seasonings and spices will

withstand pan frying. Definitely a great way to spice up your gravy!!

Smoked Thick Sliced Bacon
3/1 lb packages
Thick Sliced Pepper Bacon_
3/1 lb packages

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