----_______________"Celebrating 90 Years"

"We Are Family"

The legend began in 1913 when Josef Ondrusek opened Columbia Meat Market and Sausage Factory near the downtown Dallas area. He chose the word "Columbia" as the name of his company because it represents "new beginnings". For nine decades the Ondruseks have been in the meat industry. Josef "Mr. Joe" Ondrusek discovered he could not always buy

the quality of animals he and his customers deserved. As a result, in 1932, he purchased a meat packing company in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. Although it is four generations later, the Ondrusek family still continues the quality principles that Mr. Joe started.
This Czechoslovakian operation is built on family pride and tradition. The second generation began with W.J. (Willie). Willie enjoyed working in a family business like his father. While the family grew closer together by striving toward a common goal, their partnership grew and received local recognition. Willie was awarded a "Pioneer Award" from the Southwestern Meat Association to recognize his spirit of enterprise, leadership and contribution to the meat industry.

The leadership legacy continued with Bob (3rd generation) within the Southwest Meat Association. Bob served as President of the association for two terms. In 2000, SMA established a scholarship fund in Bob’s name, which helps students pursuing degrees in meat science. Because of his love for children, Bob was also involved in the State Fair of Texas Junior Livestock Committee and the Kaufman County Junior Livestock Show. Bob served as President of the Livestock Show Board for Kaufman.

Joe (3rd generation) is currently leading the next generation into the millennium. Joe entered into the business after graduating with an Accounting Degree in 1967. With the experience of both Bob and Joe, Columbia has expanded into a 70,000 square foot food distribution and slaughter facility. The heritage at Columbia is seen through the eight Ondruseks who are currently employed.

Learning the business from the ground up is a tradition this family has perfected. Although they guide one another, each Ondrusek has found his or her niche in the facility as the fourth generations are assuming active roles in the daily operations.

Some traditions at Columbia Packing Co., include:

  • Participation in the Junior Livestock State Fair of Texas for over 50 years
  • Charter member Southwest Meat Association in 1957
  • Member of Dallas-Ft. Worth Grocers Association
  • Host of Junior/Senior Meats Judging Contest
  • USDA inspected products since 1975
  • Currently under a quality program known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point designed to meet the new USDA guidelines.

Improved packaging techniques, developing products and creating new markets are some of the challenges that face the next generation. The Ondruseks believe with their customer's help Columbia can continue to succeed for the many generations that will follow.

Adhering to the attitude that "We believe that business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated" Columbia Packing Co., Inc has gained a solid reputation of quality and dependability in the food industry.

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