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"We believe that business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated."

Each of Columbia's Smoked Hams is selected from the very best, top quality pork. Each of our mouth-watering hams comes straight from our smokehouse with a mild cure with a touch of sugar, and a long hardwood smoke, and no water added.

Columbia's cured and sliced Country Style and Peppered Bacon will start your morning off right. We begin the Old Fashion method of curing by hand rubbing a special blend of seasonings and spices on extra lean selected pork bellies. After hours of hardwood smoke the bacon is sliced thick. We then remove the rind off of the slab, hand trim the slab and slice to an inch (14-16 slices per slab).

When it comes to an authentic Texas treat, nothing beats the mouth-watering taste of a Columbia lean and tender fully-cooked smoked Beef Brisket. Each brisket is carefully trimmed, hand rubbed with sesasonings, and smoked 12 hours. The natural marbling of a beef brisket allows a juicy brisket after warming.

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