Columbia Packing

family tradition

The legend began in 1913 when Josef Ondrusek opened Columbia Meat Market and Sausage Factory near the downtown Dallas area.  He chose the word "Columbia" as the name of his company because it represents "new beginnings".  For over a century, the Ondruseks have been in the meat industry.  Josef discovered he could not always buy the quality of animals he and his customers deserved.  As a result, in 1932 he purchased a meat packing company in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas.  Four generations worked at this location to develop the business into the established company it is today.

Our Czechoslovakian operation is built on family pride and tradition.  The second generation began with WJ (Willie).  Willie enjoyed working in the family business like his father.  They grew closer by striving toward a common goal, and as their partnership grew so did their recognition within their industry.

As the legacy continued, Bob (3rd generation) became more involved in not only the meat side of the business but also the live animal.  His passion for seeing young people pursue an education in agriculture led him to serve on the State Fair of Texas Junior Livestock Committee and the Kaufman County Junior Livestock board.  

Thanks to the experience of Bob and Joe (also 3rd generation), Columbia experienced tremendous growth and expanded into a 70,000 square foot food distribution and slaughter facility.  Joe led the company as president until 2018.  He left the company in the capable hands of 4th generation Ondurseks.  Joe's son Carl, daughter Amber, and Bob's son Rusty have been busy continuing to grow and expand the operations at Columbia, including a new further processing facility in Ennis, Texas.  Today, Amber presides over the company as president and the family continues to provide a quality and wholesome product for future generations of Ondruseks and customers alike.